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Do you live in Brisbane?


Do you live or do business in the Brisbane area and need a new property built from scratch? Sage Building is just the company you have been looking for, and that is more than just a boast. We have experience in a wide array of different construction projects. Sage is licensed in Brisbane to construct any kind of building you need.

What’s more, we are true to our name. Sage Building knows the absolute best ways to tackle any kind of construction project. You can rest easy knowing that your new building is being constructed by a talented, professional and passionate team.

We want to make your vision for the building come to life in the best ways possible. With several ongoing building projects and more growth on the horizon, you will quickly see why Sage Building is your best choice for new construction in Brisbane!

Construction Made Easy and Affordable

At every step of the construction process, we work with you to determine the most cost-effective approach without sacrificing even a fraction of the quality. We aim for striking the best balance possible for every project we fulfil. Through your input and our expertise, that balance is made possible.


Time has proven that this balance leads to greater client satisfaction, growth for our team, and better buildings overall. Bottom line, we want you to have the building of your dreams at a price that is not from your nightmares. Our costs for average projects are typically mid-range compared to most other contractors in the industry.


What We Build


While we can build any type of building you desire, we especially have a knack for some specific building types. Do you seek the house of your dreams? Sage Building has ample experience in erecting luxury houses. Do you need new flats or high-rises constructed? Look no further. Whatever the building type you need, we are proud to be able to build it for you in Brisbane. We can cover projects from the smallest houses to high-rises that can potentially add to the skyline of the city.

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Summary of our services

Design & Development

Our team is specifically known for their innovative design around Brisbane. We are experts at what we do, streamlining the construction process from architecture and interior design to exterior and landscaping.

We work collaboratively with customers and communities to construct and design luxury penthouses, commercial spaces, corporate infrastructure, shops, apartments, and office buildings.


Building and Construction

Our team can help you to convert your ideas to proper design documents. We have a skilled consultancy and engineering team to provide real-life, cost-effective solutions based on your ideas and plans. From the initiation to project closeout, we facilitate our customers by coordinating and assisting the construction process in such a way that simplifies the project.

Project Management

Regardless of the triviality of the task at hand, we provide customised service. Let it be a builder, a tradesman, an electrician or a plumber, our people will cater to all your needs. We take responsibility in managing your project from its beginning to its end. All your problems and their solutions are converted into a single entity. Managers are available after working hours, which means inquiries regarding ongoing projects will also be answered because Sage believes in responsiveness.



To ensure a sustainable and profitable outcome for your project, we provide you with people who have a clue of what they are doing. These individuals can provide you with guidance, sharp attention to detailed tasks and a cherished partnership that symbolizes the strength and quality of our construction.

We have a skilled consultancy team, possessing engineering and construction prowess that provides real-life, cost-effective solutions to the challenges faced by construction teams, clients, architects and contractors during the construction process. From the initiation to project closeout, we facilitate our customers by coordinating and assisting the construction process in such a way that eradicates complications.

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