Custom Build

For all your custom building requests and needs, Sage Building and Construction would be more than happy to assist. Popular requests are listed below, however if your request is not listed we would be more than happy to discuss your needs and provide a free no obligation quote.

Lowset/Single Story: Sage Building and Construction lowset houses are simple single-story designs that give you a wide-degree of artistic freedom in building your dream home. Consisting of only one level, this can be off the plan or custom design with the safety of children and the elderly in mind.

Highset/Two Story: Sage Building and Construction built two-story houses offer the stunning vistas of your local area. An option that may appeal to those with larger families, who would like the privacy of being above the ground, or with grand plans. Designs can be customised to meet the

Split level: Split level houses are multi-level plans that make complete use of the vertical space of the land, using multiple staircases and potentially a spacious basement. An excellent choice for hillsides or sloped suburbs of Brisbane – split level homes exude a charming curb side aesthetic.

Custom design: Sage Building and Construction custom designs are plans exact to your specifications. If none of the other options are quite what you are looking for, then make your own custom designed house! A very hands-on approach that is best utilized alongside our other consultation services and feasibility studies.

Hampton style: Inspired from grandiose holiday homes from the scenic getaway destination: The Hamptons. Hampton style properties are easy on the eyes – using neutral colour tones to evoke comfort and ease. A wonderful choice for homeowners who want a classy yet breathable and effortless abode. A summer getaway all within your new home.

Modern style: Modern style homes are a radical idea popularised recently. Featuring asymmetry, glass walls and large windows and a strong inclination to the horizontal dimension; these homes are exhibitions in themselves.

Contemporary: Contemporary houses are dynamic in that they will be reflective of the time that they are built. As a result, your new custom build home, built in a contemporary style, will be mapped out with the latest trends and aesthetics to coalesce in the ultimate trendsetter home of your time.

Small lot: Small lot houses are an option when working with very limited space, less than 450 square meters as outlined by Brisbane City Council. Size does not always have to matter when you make the most with what you are given.

Corner lot: Corner lots are high-visibility homes that are situated on the corner of a junction. A corner lot design will offer an extended lawn, unobstructed views of the street, less neighbours on the borders of your land and a flexible blueprint when deciding where you would like your driveway.


Narrow lot: Narrow lots are more common in densely packed urban development – longer and higher than they are wide. Narrow lot house designs are subtle and often blend into the property adjoining them, so they are more deceptively intricate. Never judge a book by its cover.

Sloping block: Sloping blocks require custom designed houses that are vertically-inclined and seeking to overcome any sloping obstacles presented by the terrain. Depending on the land, the design can slope up, down or crossfall. All can offer distinct advantages of unique aesthetic and charm which is sure to catch the eye of onlookers.

Flood-prone area: House designs for flood affected properties are supposed to be meticulously planned to be on an elevation which means you are gifted with a better view. This custom house design is an investment in more ways than normal. So, in the spectrum of unpredictable Australian weather, you should be prepared with the occasional flash-flooding. Choosing the appropriate house and land style will ensure that flood issues can be avoided a challenging task we wont shy away from.

Fixed price contract: When you map out the blueprint of your home and go into a contract for a fixed price custom built house, the price will not fluctuate based on unexpected events or acquisition of materials, labour and equipment. If you would prefer a hands-off, low-risk option and leave the logistics to the more-than-capable team at your disposal, then this would be your choice.

Cost plus contract: When you map out the blueprint of your custom designed home, you will go into a cost-plus contract where you will accrue all costs of materials, labour and equipment as development progresses. This is an extremely fluid and dynamic strategy that places you at the helm of your development. If you would prefer a hands-on approach where you can decide the direction of every development that occurs, this is the option for you.

Construction management contract: Home development is not always a smooth and transparent process. If accountability, efficiency and transparency are important to you when developing your custom-built home, going into a construction management contract may appeal to you. A construction manager acts as an agent on-site answerable to you. They fast-track the development process while keeping track of expenses going in and out of the project.

Turnkey house: Turnkey houses are also known as a move-in home, these houses are ready to be moved into the moment that details are finalised. Less stress, less mess, less details; a streamlined process that appeals to those who would like to skip the hassle of logistics. What you see is what you get with turnkey homes.

Concrete block house: Concrete block houses are enduring structures, built to last through all manners of conditions. Concrete blocks are lightweight, fire-proof, termite-proof and sound-proof when developed by Sage Group’s Construction team. Several improvements can be made to a concrete block external walls to make it stronger such as filling the cores with concrete or inserting steel reinforcing rods to make the durable concrete into something veritably iron. So, if the above appeals to you then a concrete block is your best choice of custom-built house.

Steel framed house: Steel framed houses are another avenue to durable, lasting houses. Like concrete block houses, steel frames add a level of surety not found in conventional or dated construction methods. Compared to timber framed houses, steel framed custom houses are far lighter and easier to maintain, all the while having the added benefit of being impervious to termites and great thermal efficiency.