Design Consultation

Whether you have your design in mind or need some help planning the home of your dreams, Sage Building and Construction would be more than happy to assist. Popular requests are listed below, however if your request is not listed we would be more than happy to discuss your needs and provide a free no obligation quote.

Concept plan preparation:  Taking steps forward to your dream home will not mean much if you are stepping in the wrong direction. Including a concept plan in the development of your property encourages discussion to get all parties tuned in on the same wavelength.


Architectural design: Not sure what goes where? Why what goes where? Bad architecture can be inconvenient, or even a dealbreaker. Consultation on the architecture of your new home ensures that things are where they should be and within reason.

Engineering design: To ensure any given property can withstand the tests of weather and time, proper appraisal and procedure should be followed. Consulting one of our talented engineering consultants will ensure you give your home the best possible chance.

Interior design: If you were to stay in one location for an extended period, then why not make the stay as aesthetic, safe and functional as possible? Interior design of your house or property is very important, in that regard, that everyone homeowner or investor should consult the experts to ensure that your new home is memorable for all the right reasons.

Custom design: Have your own design plans for your forever home? Let us work alongside you to realise them! Consult with our team to help us help you map out the dimensions of your new custom design home.

Design modification: Do you find yourself questioning a design decision on your property? Consult with our team to see how we can help you realise just what you are looking for with modifying the design of your property.


Feasibility studies: Unsure of a new project and its place on your property? Conducting feasibility studies to appraise economic, legal, technical and scheduling factors before the execution of a project ensures you know all the pros and cons to a development.