About Us


Who We Are?

Sage Building and Construction is a company in the business of constructing buildings for the future, tailored to meet your needs and your vision. Our work honours the history of construction in Brisbane and hopes to set a role model for the future of the industry in Queensland as we expand. Each new building project is a chance to learn and grow. Every client satisfied is another finished building we can look up at with pride and confidence. Our company is dedicated to some very key things in the construction industry. Those include the client and their needs, first and foremost. Others include the art and trade of building construction itself, as well as the quality of the building in question. We deeply value your feedback and always wish to achieve the project with both the highest quality and the lowest possible price without sacrificing that quality.


You can always rest easy knowing your building will emerge the best it can be. We achieve our high-quality buildings through a remarkable combination of focus on our clients, high building standards, and a very passionate, skilled, and professional team eager to build.

Proudly Building in Brisbane

It is in Brisbane that we started, and it is in Brisbane that we proudly serve a wide variety of people’s construction needs! If you need a new business built, we want to erect it for you from the ground up.


If you and your family are moving to Brisbane or a different part of Brisbane, we want to build you your luxury dream home. If you want to commission the construction of new luxury flats and high-rises, you know it will be done by a dedicated team that takes pride in their trade and joy in seeing your architectural vision realised.

Every new building we build is part of the greater tapestry of buildings that is the city of Brisbane. With our dedication to you the customer of Brisbane and to quality construction, we ensure that our contributions to that city-sized tapestry are worthy of it.

A Growing Professional Family of Builders

At Sage Building, our team is more than just an ordinary team. Our unique team culture, spirit, and strict quality standards are at the beating heart of our company. We often operate like a close-knit family. This means that we strongly emphasise teamwork, comradery, and consistent communication both amongst the team, management, and you as the client to ensure a construction project goes smoothly.


Just as one might find within a family, in construction teams there are sometimes difficulties or disagreements that may occur on-site. We always view these as opportunities for growth and a way to demonstrate our core integrity as a customer and quality-driven construction firm. With our work culture and high standards, which includes that emphasis on effective communication, we are able to construct quality buildings in even the most difficult of project settings.


It is through these traits and more that Sage Building is currently engaged in so many projects, with many more to come as our company and Brisbane both continue to grow. If you are new to Brisbane, we want to make sure that your new building will be welcoming and up to or even exceeding your expectations. If you are a client that already lives or operates within the city, we likewise want to build you the most perfect building possible to meet your needs and desires. We look forward to making your architectural dreams a reality at Sage Building!