House Raising

If your house is in need of Raising, Sage Building and Construction would be more than happy to assist. Popular requests are listed below, however if your request is not listed we would be more than happy to discuss your needs and provide a free no obligation quote.

House lifting: The process of lifting a house is most often implemented when a client is seeking more space on-property without having to infringe on yard space or push the borders of the plot of land. A cheaper and risk-free alternative to major renovations. House lifting can also be a popular solution for development of traditional character houses protected by the councils city plan.

House sliding: Had a different vision in mind for the location of your property on your lot? House sliding, using hydraulic jacks and a slide, allows you to spin or relocate a structure on the confines of your lot. House sliding can make room for additional developments to the site or adding an extension to sound side.