Residential Land Development

Whether you have bought a new block or simply developing on an existing block, Sage Building and Construction would be more than happy to assist. Popular requests are listed below, however if your request is not listed we would be more than happy to discuss your needs and provide a free no obligation quote.

Land subdivision: The division of adjoining lots must be recognized formally through the process of land subdivision. Larger blocks of land in the Brisbane region can obtain city council approval for subdivisions, allowing for the development of two or more completely separate houses based on the number of subdivided blocks. Our team of professional planners and developers at Sage Group will look after all the requirements and dealings with council.

Feasibility studies: Unsure of a new house build or renovation and the right spot for it on your property? Conducting feasibility studies to appraise economic, legal, technical and scheduling factors before the execution of a project ensures you know all the pros and cons to a house development before starting to build your dream house

Property advice: Before conducting any changes, major or minor land development, building renovation or extinctions regarding your property – why not get a second opinion? Consult the veteran team at your disposal. We can give you the advice that you are seeking.

Project planning: Property developments are grand investments of time and energy. Ensuring you have a blueprint allows your new dream project to stay on track as well as on schedule. Sage construction group can help with project planning, all the way through to development and handing you the keys to your newly constructed property.